Life in Cambridge

Time flies and it has been almost three months since I joined MIT! This reminds me of what Bruce said in the orientation: you will get to the end of the 10-month before you realize it. Standing at one thirds of the journey, I have a lot to say and share.

MIT mascot

The first thing coming out of my mind is ‘Cambridge’. I have to admit that this place is so more fun than I thought. Before came to MIT, I heard a lot of warnings about Boston being the big city and the winters etc. Of course I haven’t got to the winter’s part yet, but the least I can tell now is that I really love Cambridge!

Charles River

You probably heard about ‘Charles River’, yes the river that Harvard, MIT, and BU are lining along. My apartment is just five minutes away from it. Nothing is better than walking along the bank and watching the sailing in the river in a Saturday morning. People jog, bike, and walk in the sidewalk. With the sunshine goldening buildings across the water, the scene is just as a beautiful painting.

dock  sidewalk

river1 river2

The fall here is beautiful as well. Don’t even bother hiking big mountains to see colors, the foliage is right here! Just by walking in the city, you will be surprised to see how colorful it is.

westgate playground1 cambridge fall5 cambridge fall4  apple1 apple cambridge fall1 cambridge fall2 cambridge fall3cambridge fall6football

Though some people may argue, I personally think MIT campus is awesome! The buildings are very distinctive. You will find statues all over the places as well.

MIT Statue1 Simons building MIT building east gate dome MIT Statue


All in all, Cambridge is a perfect place for me and I really enjoyed staying and studying here at MIT. I will get to check the winter here soon and will upload more photos. So see you then!

Life in Cambridge

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