The MIT SCM Career Recruiting Journey

My Class of 2014 SCM classmate counterparts have done an excellent job thus far on the blog, providing great detail on the program as a whole, the field of supply chain management, life at MIT and life in the general Boston/Cambridge area. I share many of these same thoughts and feelings, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at MIT.

After working for 7 years in aerospace manufacturing, I came to MIT SCM to develop and expand my skillset and experience to prepare me for future career endeavors. The MIT SCM website includes resources to past years’ placement statistics and also specific companies that recruit from the program, but I wanted to write this blog post to provide an in depth look into the recruiting process thus far.

The networking began very early in the program, all the way back in our orientation month. During this month, every week, thesis partner companies would present their thesis topics, and immediately after they would hold a mixer at the local pub. While these events were focused mainly allowed us to ask one-on-one questions about the thesis projects, several of the companies were also actively recruiting.

When Fall Semester began in September, that is when the recruiting fun really started. Recruiting companies, working through our MIT SCM Recruiting and Career Development Coordinator, posted resume drops and held information sessions about their companies and the positions for which they were interviewing and hiring. In mid-September, companies were on-site every week interviewing SCM students.

As students progressed through their respective interviews, companies would fly them to their headquarters for on-site interviews. At times, it was difficult and stressful for us all to manage our classwork and recruiting efforts, but all of us welcomed the opportunity to network and interview with so many leading companies. Now, as I write this, several students have offers for positions post-graduation, while several other interviews are ongoing. In general, the recruiting process has slowed down a bit, as companies prepare for Winter and Spring recruitment, but there are still several opportunities in the pipeline.

I set out to write this blog post to provide insight into the recruiting process. Because MIT SCM is only a 10-month program, the networking and recruiting starts early. All of us came to MIT SCM to propel us into that next career endeavor, so active recruiting is welcomed by all, but be prepared future SCM students, it doesn’t take long to get right into the action!

The MIT SCM Career Recruiting Journey

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