Halfway Through MIT SCM

Christmas is coming and I wish everyone Merry Christmas in advance.

I just finished my last exam yesterday, and it is now pretty much the halfway point of my SCM journey. Recalling the last five months in MIT, I couldn’t be more appreciative of the resources and opportunities that MIT and the SCM program provides to students.

One great thing about SCM is that you can enroll in any MIT/Harvard electives that interest you, no matter if it is an engineering course, business course, or about human behavior. Last term, I selected Economic for Business Decisions Analysis, which is indeed a hot elective under the Sloan Management School. I learned a lot of stuff including general demand-supply equilibrium, impact of government policy, price strategies for different customer group, and game theory application in today’s business world. It was also pretty fun when we applied these theories in simulation games like the “auction game/price setting game.”

Another thing I feel great about is the weather in Boston. I spent last five years in Singapore with T-shirts and shorts everyday. Snow in Boston really gives me a very different experience. Imagine how relaxing it is when you sit in front of the computer with a freshly-brewed coffee indoors, watching the outside world fill with white, soft snow.

Finally, I will move on to some pictures I took in my first term – Bangqi Yin

2013-11-21 08.55.13 2013-12-10 07.06.06 2013-12-15 16.54.402013-12-18 18.13.46 2013-12-19 14.29.19

Halfway Through MIT SCM

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