MIT SCM is Ready to Launch your Career

With one semester down, it’s hard to believe that the MIT SCM experience is already halfway over. The first semester was certainly intense; adjusting to the student lifestyle, going to numerous expert seminars (e.g. why the Boeing 787 was so delayed), interviewing for jobs, networking with supply chain colleagues, and of course learning all about Supply Chain Management. Looking back now, it’s hard to believe how much has happened thus far.

I think the most exciting aspect of the semester was the job search. Early in the semester we were greeted by some notable companies like Apple, Amazon, BCG, McKinsey, My personal career goal is to join an organization whose mission it is to change the world. My sights were set on Tesla Motors – an electric automotive technology company whose leader, Elon Musk, is focused on disrupting old industries in need of innovation. I was so focused on Tesla that I considered attending the annual CSCMP conference in Denver just to see its keynote speaker, Peter Carlsson; head of Tesla Supply Chain. It would have been amazing to hear about Tesla’s supply chain challenges from the man directly in charge of it. Unfortunately, there was a scheduling conflict and I was unable to attend. Fast forward ahead two months and I find myself in Fremont, CA; on-site on the Tesla factory floor witnessing automotive history first-hand. I’m here interviewing for a role in their Supply Chain group! After a long day of interviews, I’m told I’d have to end my day in Palo Alto to interview … none other than Peter Carlsson. Unbelievable.

Ultimately I achieved my career objective in accepting an offer with Elon Musk’s other venture in aerospace, SpaceX. It was an incredibly difficult decision having to choose between Tesla and SpaceX, two exciting companies that are both certain to change the world (and also Mars).

I’m constantly astonished by the opportunities that are presented to us in this program. We’re able to meet with leaders that are quite literally shaping the way the world works, and given the opportunity to be those leaders ourselves. Some days I have to pause and reflect on just how fortunate I am to be in such a position. I’ll be saddened come June when the program comes to an end, and simultaneously very excited for a bright future ahead.


MIT SCM is Ready to Launch your Career

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