The Social Side of the SCM Program

Maria Mendez Vives, Class of 2016
Maria Mendez Vives, SCM Class of 2016

Editor’s Note: Maria is an international student from beautiful Santa Marta, Colombia. A mechanical engineer by background, she worked in rail operations and maintenance for a coal mining company prior to coming to MIT. Maria is also a member of the SCM Program Committee, who is responsible for making sure we have enough fun throughout the program!

As you may know already, the MIT SCM program is an intense program with lots of things going on all the time! In order to balance our workload, the class has organized several cool activities that I’d like to share. Here are some pictures of our journey!

Early in August, we had our first ‘blind date’ at the Thirsty Ear, a pub in Ashdown student housing, which if you come to graduate school at MIT, you’ll probably visit more than once.

SCMers at the Thirsty Ear pub.
SCMers at the Thirsty Ear pub.

Ashdown also rendered itself a great place for BBQ where everyone could come together, throw their meat and veggies on the grill, and enjoy the sunshine (as long as it lasted!)

BBQ at Ashdown.
BBQ at Ashdown.

In a class of 14 nationalities, we are luckily exposed to a huge variety of cuisines. Throughout the year we have been trying to learn more about each one of them. Our trip around the global food world has so far led us to the ancient ruins of Peruvian cuisine, the exotic tastes of Thailand, the heart of cucina italiana, and the delicious flavors of Lebanon.

003 004 005 006

Not everything is about eating though, we’ve also had sailing classes on the Charles, apple picking in Nashoba Valley Winery to welcome the fall, and visits to NY (for me in particular, I couldn’t miss my star Federer at Flushing Meadows)

Sailing on the Charles with a view of the MIT Dome.
Nashoba Valley Winery.


Finally, to celebrate Halloween, the end of midterms and Alankrita’s birthday, we had a wonderful party with amazing costumes!

Alankrita's birthday/Halloween costume party.
Alankrita’s birthday/Halloween costume party.

It seems we’ve been here for a long time. I love the fact that we’ve become very close to each other and that, since we are such a diverse group, we have been able to share a little bit of everyone’s culture. And the best it’s still yet to come!

The Social Side of the SCM Program

One thought on “The Social Side of the SCM Program

  1. Panos says:

    Hi Maria and SCM 2016!

    It seems you have a good time already!
    Let me know though that the best is yet to come. In the 2nd semester you will have more time to enjoy life there.
    And do not miss the Panama trip. Do the San Blas Islands!!!

    Panos, SCM 2015

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