Student Profiles: Chan How Law

Chan How Law, SCM Class of 2016

Tell Us About Yourself: I was born and raised in Malaysia, which is almost half a world away from where I am now (Malaysia has a 12-13 hour time difference from Boston). When I was younger, studying at MIT seemed like something you would only see in movies, but here I am now, learning from the best. I always saw myself as someone who was very fortunate: my parents have supported me in anything I wanted to try, my siblings and friends always encouraged me to learn about everything under the sun, and my teachers along the way provided me with an excellent education.

What led you to this program? I moved to Singapore for my undergraduate studies in Applied Mathematics at the National University of Singapore. This provided me with the tools that allowed me to analyze information in a manner that would drive meaningful insights. These skills landed me a job in Singapore post graduation, where I worked for a California-based semiconductor equipment manufacturer as an inventory analyst, and later as a master scheduler for three years. Confined to the manufacturer’s perspective, I quickly realized there were missing pieces of the supply chain that I was unable to see.

How’s it going so far in the program? We are around the middle point of the program now, and we are definitely starting to get the hang of it. Me and another classmate, Dangfun were voted to run our SCM Mart (a pantry full of snacks and drinks for the class to purchase), and we definitely love the learning experience of demand and supply management, inventory control, and cash flow management. Another key learning experience has been driven by my classmates’ natural curiosity: our class never gives up an opportunity to ask questions from our guest speakers. Questions range from the greatest supply chain challenges today to our guest’s favorite beer. Not to mention that the math major in me will not miss a chance to explore the various quantitative lessons, especially those on the application of math in the supply chain.

Where do you want to go after this? At first I wanted to work at a job similar job to my previous role, but now I feel like there are so many new fields I can try out – so this is still an open question for me.

What is your favorite thing about the program? What I like most is the size of the class. With less than 40 students, we definitely have a chance to get to know everyone well and develop long lasting relationships. I also enjoyed the learning experience of this program, both from the curriculum and from the Q&A sessions with guest speakers. I have to especially thank our amazing team for arranging these guest speaker series that make our hectic schedule so much more interesting.

Memorable moment in your SCM journey so far? The most memorable moments so far have been the Latin America trips we did. As part of the course, we visited Panama City, and most of us went on a detour to Colombia right after that. During the December break, me and two other classmates visited Mexico City together as well. My trips definitely confirmed or rejected some of the preconceived notions I had about Latin America. I also got to put my limited Spanish to the test, and I am glad I survived!

Favorite thing to do in Boston? Looking out of my window for sunrise and sunset.

View from my window.

Any advice for prospective students? Be someone who is interesting and who can contribute past experiences. This class is like a bowl of good salad: the more flavors you can bring in, the better it tastes.

Student Profiles: Chan How Law

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