Jason Braud, SCM Class of 2016
Jason Braud, SCM Class of 2016

I’ll try not to repeat anything you can find right here. If the course requirements seem complicated at first, don’t worry; they will be covered in depth in August during your Orientation. Bruce Arntzen and Kirsten Greco will also ensure your pre-registration meets all of the minimum requirements prior to registration.

Despite the length of the program (just ten months) and the number of required classes, there is surprising flexibility to take classes outside of the core curriculum. SCM students take classes outside of the required curriculum to satisfy personal interests, to fill gaps in knowledge, and to prepare for specific jobs post-graduation. Straying too far from the core curriculum will require a little extra effort on your part during the registration process. The more classes you take, the harder it will be to de-conflict the timing of electives with your required classes. Taking Sloan courses will require you to go through a bidding process, which you don’t need to worry about for now. But since some of you are probably curious, you can check out There is also the opportunity to cross-register for courses at a number of other universities in the area, including Harvard and Tufts. There’s definitely the risk of getting wide eyed at the beginning of the semester and registering for more classes than you can handle. It’s okay if this happens, you can drop classes before a certain date with no negative consequences. Some students will knowingly register for more classes than they plan to take. Then, they can sit through the first week or two of classes and determine which ones they want to drop.

There will be a large number of SCM students in most of your classes, which is very convenient. It is always easy to find someone to give you a little extra help in a subject where you are struggling. Also, most of the courses require a large amount of group-work. Teaming up with other SCM students on these assignments makes it easier to find free time on everyone’s schedules to work on the assignments. You will be spending a lot of time working on group assignments. Choose your group partners wisely.

Most of the classes you will take have a participation component to their grading. Be prepared to contribute to the dialogue as the class progresses. You’re not expected to say something prophetic every time you raise your hand; but, you also don’t want to blurt out every thought that pops into your head.

You are attending MIT. You are here to learn. You have the opportunity to take classes taught by prestigious faculty. On the other hand, you also want your short time in Cambridge to be enjoyable. Overburdening yourself with too many classes is a sure way not to enjoy yourself and see all the wonderful things Boston has to offer. Find your own balance and run with it. Everyone will take a different approach.


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