My MIT Experience

Renzo Trujillo, SCM Class of 2016
Renzo Trujillo, SCM Class of 2016

I will never forget my first day of classes at MIT. When I close my eyes I can still clearly remember that day and the excitement on the faces of each of my classmates. I can still remember the enthusiasm I felt from being surrounded by such a diverse and international group.

Even more, I can still remember the first greetings, each person’s self-introduction and story about their professional life, and of course, the first time I spoke in front of all of them. That day we started a new professional adventure in our careers. An adventure that marked our lives and encouraged us to keep growing. That day I met 37 extraordinary professionals and great friends of the SCM program who were going to join me for a year, and, from my point of view, represent the most important element of this program.


Now, as we near the end of the program, I have enough experience to tell you about the program’s great benefits and some useful tips in case you decide to come to MIT. There are an endless number of things I could talk about but I decided to focus on the two most important ones: Friends and extraordinary professionals, and the program itself and the opportunities it can give you.

  1. Friends and extraordinary professionals

The class size, and the people, are what makes this program different. As you may have seen in other blogs – during much of the program you will spend time working in teams and with your classmates. And although there are lots of opportunities to network with students from other programs, your SCM fellows are who you will probably develop the closest relationships with. Bonds that will last for all your personal and professional life. These students have been selected to represent a wide cultural and professional diversity and balance. Each of them will have different skills and experiences that will enrich your professional life. It is like a small replica of the world packed into a classroom.

Because of this diversity in experiences it is important to always remember the following:   If there something you don’t know, don’t worry – lean on your classmates or professors. There will always be someone in the class who did it before, knows the answer or had a similar experience. They will always be open to help.

And, of course, I cannot forget to mention, your friends will always be there for any kind of social, sports, lunch, dinner, or cultural events. There will always be an expert in swimming, football, Ping-Pong, piano, poker, software, a singer, a chef, a dancer, and many more other amazing skills that will make your time at MIT a great experience. Also remember that they come from different parts of the world, so you can learn a few words of many languages. “Cheers!” in 10 different languages for instance. Although they may just seem to be a bunch of professionals at first glance, each of them is an extraordinary person.

  1. MIT SCM and opportunities after the master

MIT SCM has a well-structured curriculum. It provides you with a strong core of courses that will let you develop a solid knowledge of supply chain. This program also gives you the possibility to pick other elective courses from different departments that you can use to improve your knowledge in specialized fields of your preference. The courses are taught by well-recognized and talented professors who will share their knowledge and experiences.

One of the greatest advantages of studying at MIT is the powerful MIT brand in the job market worldwide. This master’s degree will help you find job opportunities in the US market, which can be difficult to access without having studied or worked in the US before. And even better, the MIT SCM recruiters will help you have access to job opportunities in the best companies in the world. It is exciting to know that globally recognized companies opt to recruit students from this prestigious program.

One last thought about this program: My friends probably already mentioned the amazing trip to Panama and Colombia in this blog. I also want to mention the numerous visits to warehouses and distribution centers. One notable one was our visit to the “Amazon Fulfillment Center” in Connecticut, which was a very valuable experience. For those who have never had the chance to see a cutting-edge distribution center, with the SCM program you will get an opportunity to do so.


My MIT Experience

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