Hello from the SCM Class of 2017!

We (Caroline Bleggi & Patrick Scott) cannot wait to share the perspectives and experiences of this year’s Supply Chain Management cohort.


We could not have a more diverse or talented group of professionals. We have students from Kazakhstan, Finland, Singapore, China, and Brazil – and that’s only the start. Prior to joining the Supply Chain Management program, one classmate was leading sailors under the sea while serving as a submariner in the United States Navy. Another was assembling a team for a new tech startup. While our classmates are undoubtedly accomplished, they are also welcoming. Bruce, Kirsten, and Sue do an excellent job of building community within the SCM family and the Center for Transportation and Logistics as a whole.

The great strength of the program is the SCM family. You will hear ideas and analysis from classmates with a foundation that ranges from oil and gas to Disney. Each individual brings a unique perspective that shapes our cohort. Although we came to MIT from different countries, educational backgrounds, and cultures, the connection and friendships began before first day of orientation. We frequently have Salsa Fridays and Dim Sum Saturdays This past Saturday we even went apple picking as a class.

From Day 1, the program is packed with action. Outside of classes, thesis sponsor presentations, recruiting activities, and events around Boston leave no down time. This program creates a truly tight knit group with close friendships developing almost overnight.

We hope to share the community within the SCM program through our blog posts this year. Expect to see posts about the application process, SCM vs MBA (as well as MBA + SCM), orientation, life in Boston, thesis experience, and more.


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