Why I choose Sustainability in Supply Chain Management

Written by: Joe Lucido


Before coming to MIT, I was searching for a program where I could learn about the innovative methodologies to combat climate change and where best to implement them.  This lead me to Supply Chain Management and pursuing the Sloan Sustainability Certificate.  I came to the realization that supply chains are one of the biggest offenders to climate change.  Their global nature, requires enormous transportation networks and inefficient suppliers all along the chain.  Since my background in the Navy was mostly oriented around engineering management and operations, I knew Supply Chains would be an area I could excel in.  Therefore, with the added business knowledge from the SCM program and Sloan’s sustainability certificate, I felt I would have the tools I needed to achieve my goal of mitigating climate change on a global scale.

In the past week alone, Boston had 3 days of record high temperatures for the month of February.   Besides the great beer drinking weather, this wasn’t the first time I noticed the effects of climate change.  Global warming is something that I was tracking since I decided to become a Nuclear Engineer back in high-school. I’ve always had a passion to move our society towards carbon neutral energy sources to mitigate the effects of climate change.  As a nuclear submarine officer about to transition out of the Navy I wanted to apply that same passion on a broader scale.

In the program, I have worked on several sustainability projects that allowed me to put theory taught in the classroom into practice.  Specifically, in the S-lab classes, I am in a team paired with a renewable energy company who wants us to attack their inefficiencies throughout their supply chain. Not only will the results of our project provide a reduction on their global footprint, but we will also increase the profitability of the company.

I will say it is very comforting, even on these warm winter days, that when I leave MIT I will possess the tools to help companies reduce their impact in a sustainable and profitable way.  I believe, as climate change becomes more pronounced and moves to the top of more companies’ agendas, that I will have the experience and the know-how to further combat these problems. I give full credit to the environment fostered here at MIT and the faculty and students that share the same passion as me.

Why I choose Sustainability in Supply Chain Management

One thought on “Why I choose Sustainability in Supply Chain Management

  1. […] All classes discuss sustainability from a holistic perspective considering social, economic and environmental factors. We analyze how different sectors can contribute to a more sustainable world, and our responsibilities as individuals. Several guest speakers talked about their career paths in sustainability, and how they promoted change in their companies. We looked at the businesses that are leaders in sustainability and understood how they got there. In the sustainability lab class, we worked on projects with big companies to improve their sustainable practices. Additionally, I had the chance to meet many students with interests very similar to mine and develop a strong network with people passionate about sustainability. One of the alumni also wrote about his experience in pursuing the Sustainability Certificate, which can be found here. […]

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